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Product Specifications

Brand Name KEYPRO
Country of Origin Finland
Customer Management Manage customer and consumption points including the contact information.
Control Control editing and viewing access precisely based on user groups and free form geographic areas.
Notification Available via SMS based notification solution
NRW Management Can be interfaced with remote measurement and control systems for smart water network.
Compatibility Online interface with other systems (WMS, WFS). Data import in DWG and MapInfo formats. AutoCAD import and export. Fully interoperable with other KeyPro solutions and with any modern GIS System
Flexibility All existing network information will be transferred from current systems, even from paper maps. Attach external documents such as photographs to network elements from the field.



Product Details

  • Comprehensive network information management solution for water business experts for asset management
  • A powerful tool to manage your water and sewer network. Be it planning the maintenance of the existing network or expansion of the new network, with KeyAqua you will execute the professional tasks quickly.
  • It is an easy-to-use web-based solution that all professionals and stakeholders operating on your own water and sewer network can easily access and update the information needed.


Company Profile

It is our task to improve the management of network assets: planning, constructing, documentation and maintenance. We combine our own service expertise with developing network information solutions and from that, we create ever more efficient solutions in our lines of business. Learn more about Keypro.

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