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We are European company specializing in network and geographic information solutions, with close to 25 years of experience in the field. Our customer base includes owners, contractors, designers and maintainers of various utility networks, both underground and on the ground. We serve more than 200 customers dealing with telecom networks, water service networks, electricity distribution, street lighting, district heating and natural gas. Even internationally, we are a special enterprise, as we offer both network related expert services as well as network information systems themselves. Domestically, we also operate the Safe-to-Dig cable lookup service, covering the whole of Finland. Internationally, we deliver professional services and network information systems to many countries – our partner network covers more than 10 countries.

It is our task to improve the management of network assets: planning, constructing, documentation and maintenance. We combine our own service expertise with developing network information solutions and from that, we create ever more efficient solutions in our lines of business. By improving efficiency, we mean both cost savings that are gained with the newest cloud based information technology, and savings achieved with making management of network assets simpler. Our system solution is indeed based on a pure browser architecture, which enables access to the network information regardless of time and location. This way, we also enable a seamless cooperation between the network owner and the contractors.

Based on customer surveys, we are able to rapidly solve the most complex problems, committed to deliver the best possible solution to the customer, and we are persistent as developers of applications. We invest heavily on product development, and we release a new version of our systems almost every year. Thanks to persistent development, our customer relations are typically long, and our customers can trust the management and operation of their network information to our hands for years to come.


Serving 90+ water districts internationally including several in the Philippines.


Our KeyAqua solution contains all features of a modern network information solution. Access, modify, view, report and add data with whatever device, whenever and where ever. KeyAqua comes with unlimited user accounts, does not require server installation or licenses. Therefore KeyAqua has a competitive price.


  • Prime Water Cabanatuan City
  • General Mariano Alvarez Water District
  • Talavera Water District
  • Teresa Water District
  • over 90 water districts internationally


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