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AJA Marketplace is an e-commerce marketplace platform that helps simplify the procurement process in the Philippine water sector. It is founded by AJA NRW Solutions, Inc., a duly government-accredited distributor in the water industry. We are building a bridge between the customers in the Philippines and the vendors around the globe. This is a platform that opens up opportunities for our customers to access a wide range of water equipment, solutions, contracts, and projects offered by our validated list of high-quality suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors here and across the globe. 

AJA Marketplace offers a wide range of equipment and solutions for water and wastewater supply projects. Our vendors are different manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors offering hardware items, valves, pipes, fittings, leak detectors, flow meters, and tanks, water treatment and other range of products and services that match the unique needs of any water-related project.

Our customer includes Water Districts, Private Water Utility Providers, Local Government Units, and Contractors. These organizations can use our online platform to easily and quickly source products, compare products and vendors, request for quotation, and purchase products that will enable them to fulfill a whole range of water-related projects. All our vendors go through Vendor Verification Process guaranteeing our customers with a comprehensive list of high-quality Suppliers that they can confidently work with. We thoroughly review the application of our Vendors because quality and relationship are our main priorities. We want to ensure the projects are delivered by the Vendors on time and within budget. 

Registering as a Customer is FREE!

We invite local and foreign water-related manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors to join us and become Vendors of AJA Marketplace. Start your registration today and start growing your brand and making sales to the customers in the Philippine Market! Know more about the benefits of selling in AJA Marketplace HERE.

First year of membership is FREE! The annual membership fee after the first year is $125 USD.

Payment for Foreign Companies, No Local Representative:

Telegraphic transfer will be sent right away upon confirmation of an order and issuance of the Pro-forma invoice in full amount.

Payment for Companies with Local Representative:

Local Representatives will be paid in full according to the company’s payment terms. Payment terms include, but is not limited to the following:

30 Days
60 Days
90 Days
Others as indicated by the Vendor in the Vendor Agreement.

Customer Certification Letter is a template that should be filled out and signed by the Human Resource
Department or the Water District/LGU’s General Manager. This is a document where we can verify the
eligibility of the person registering in our platform.

We are taking security measures to make sure that the Customers of AJA Marketplace exclusively
includes only the employees from Water Districts, Local Government Units, Private Water Utility
Providers and Contractors.

A template of the Certification Letter is attached together with this e-book.

We have created a portion where customers can let us know what they are looking for. We

Only the members with Authorizers Account can accept orders, proceed to checkout, and complete orders. You may check your membership profile through the My Account Dashboard.

Orders will be on hold after confirming the order online. A copy of the Purchase Order should be uploaded to http://bit.ly/ajapo or sent to sales@ajanrwsolutions-marketplace.com to verify the order.

Orders are payable via cheque.

The quotation is valid for 30 days. The amount will remain the same during the given validity period of the quotation regardless of the price change made by the product vendor after the quote has been requested.

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