Waterflux 3070 C Electromagnetic Flow Meter (Compact type)

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Standard Specifications

Brand Name KROHNE
Country of Origin United Kingdom
Body Material Sheet Steel, Polyurethane coated
Power Supply
Standard: Single D-cell (Lithium) : 8 Years

Dual D-cell (Lithium) : 15 years

Accuracy DN25…300; down to 0.2% of the measured value ± 0.5mm/s

DN350..600; down to 0.4% of the measured value ± 1mm/s

Maximum Velocity 12m/s
Output 2 Pulse + 2 Status Outputs



Product Details
Accurate flow measurements of a precious resource like drinking water are crucial for effective water network management, lowering non-revenue water, and for billing purposes in a world where water is becoming increasingly scarce. KROHNE has consistently conducted research into cutting-edge technology to advance measurement and further development throughout the company’s existence. A noteworthy example of innovation is the WATERFLUX 3070, with its distinctive rectangular sensor design and effective coil structure.

Contraction eliminates flow profile irregularities, doubling the mean flow velocity in the rectangular cross section. A strong and uniform magnetic field is produced by the coils, which enhances the signal-to-noise ratio and promotes stable readings. As a result, there is a significant decrease in the additional uncertainty for upstream disturbances and very strong low flow performance. Due to its zero inlet and zero outlet portions, the WATERFLUX 3000 sensor has revolutionized the market in terms of installation simplicity. The rectangular bore’s extremely low power consumption contributes to a longer battery life.

The WATERFLUX 3070 battery-powered model is perfect for use in off-the-grid places without access to mains power. The WATERFLUX 3070 can be fitted with an external FlexPower unit for sites where mains power is available but water utilities want a battery power backup to ensure continuous measurements.

The first all-in-one water meter that measures flow, pressure, and temperature using a single instrument is another breakthrough from KROHNE. The WATERFLUX sensor includes a pressure and temperature sensor built right in for this.


Company Profile

The KROHNE Group is a leading manufacturer and supplier of measurement systems, process instrumentation, and services across numerous sectors. Read more about KROHNE Group.

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Additional information

Size (mm)

25, 40, 50, 65, 80, 100, 125, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, 500, 600


Stainless steel 1.4301 / AISI 304, Hastelloy® C

Accurate and reliable performance

  • Unique rectangular flow sensor design for sizes DN25…600
  • Flow profile disturbances squeezed out by contraction
  • Large turn down ratio for peak flows during the day and low flows during the night
  • Standard in-house wet calibration for every meter
  • Internal diagnostics and external verification with OPTICHECK tool


Standard IP68 signal converter and sensor

  • IP68 compact and field version for submersion in flooded chambers
  • Compact housing with small footprint for installation in electrical cabinets
  • Plug & play (IP68) connectors


Simplifies installation, minimizes maintenance

  • 0D inlet, 0D outlet for compact installation directly behind an elbow or reducer
  • Special coating for immersed or subsoil sensor installation
  • Standard reference electrode making grounding rings obsolete


Multiple power concept for any location

  • Internal lithium batteries for battery lifetime up to 10 years
  • External battery pack for longer lifetime
  • AC mains supply and DC power (for green energy eg. solar or wind power) both with battery backup


Flow, pressure and temperature measurement

  • Flow, pressure and temperature measurement integrated in one instrument
  • Simple, cost efficient and tamper proof installation


Data communication and transfer

  • RS485 Modbus RTU communication for disclosure of a wide range of data
  • Special low power Modbus option for battery operation
  • Preselected brands for GPRS/data logger for data transfer
  • Certifications to OIML R49 and MID Annex III (MI-001) up to DN600
  • Range of local custody transfer approvals based on OIML R49
  • Drinking water approvals including ACS, DVGW, NSF, TZW and WR


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