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You have now reached the last part of the registration process. Our Vendor Verification Team will contact you once they have completed verifying the information you provided during the registration. Our team may also contact you for additional information to complete the process.

What is Vendor Verification Process?

The Vendor Verification Process is a procedure implemented by AJA Marketplace to check the credibility of the vendors and the company they are associated with. It is used to verify the company’s capacity and capability to deliver orders and to confirm the company information and products they will display on their AJA Marketplace shop.

Information verified through the Vendor Verification Process:

  1. Company overview
  • Business license
  • Business type (e.g. trading company, manufacturer, distributor, supplier or all of the given) 
  • Company / Factory location
  • Ownership status of the location
  • Contact information
  • Human resource
  1. Production capacity (for manufacturers)
  • Photos/ videos of vendor’s operations
  • Machinery
  1. Trade Capacity
  • Market distribution
  • Main clients
  1. Research and Development (for manufacturers)
  • Design process
  • Design equipment
  1. Quality assurance
  • Certifications from subsidiaries, partners, and contractors
  • Contact reference from previous clients
  • After-sales service

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