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Non-Revenue Water is a global problem, which many water utilities are struggling to understand and manage. With multiple Non-Revenue Water components of varying magnitude across a water utility, understanding the start point is often the first hurdle. Then the water utility has to understand what need to be undertaken, and in which order, to ensure an economic and sustainable Non-Revenue Water reduction programme.

NASB was established in 2014, backed by 13 years of Non-Revenue Water experience, including 11 years in Asia. The experience include undertaking NRW awareness and training courses, undertaking NRW Water Audits and developing Water Balances and Economic levels of NRW, developing and managing NRW management program across several countries in Asia including Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, China, Taiwan and as well as Malaysia.

Nilam Adil is also one of the leading Non-Revenue Water Equipment Supplier in Malaysia which has the expertise in the use of product and has a vast experience in the industry focus to NRW. Our offer is not limited to product supply and training but we were also has capability to offer NRW Project Management, NRW technical review, NRW water audits & NRW Workshop program.

Collaborating with subsidiary company, Wyeth Water Consultants, helping water utilities, from the very beginning where they are still trying to understand the magnitude and scale of the program, through the period of change where NRW awareness and training is undertaken, to development ad implementation of a full scale Non-Revenue Water management strategy.

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