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Leverage your business

Grow your potential customers in the Philippines with AJA Marketplace, the first and only e-procurement for water and wastewater industry in the Philippines.

What is AJA Marketplace?

AJA Marketplace is an e-commerce multi-vendror website that creates a bridge between the Philippine water and wastewater industry and the manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors around the globe. It is an onlne marketplace that opens opportunities for our customers to access a wide range of water equipment, solutions, contracts, and services offered by our validated list of high-quality vendors.Through AJA Marketplace, vendors can now introduce their brand and products to the Philippine market.

Our target customers include Water Districts, Local Government Units, Private Water Utility Providers, and Contractors.

Are you a manufacturer, supplier, or distributor of water and wastewater equipments, solutions, or services?

Join AJA Marketplace and start selling to the Philippines today!


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How To Register As A Vendor?

1. Registration

During the registration, applicants provide company information, nominate Shop Managers, and indicate the categories they will sell in AJA Marketplace.

2. Screening

All Vendor applications will go through Vendor Verification Process where additional information and documents are requested to prove the company’s credibility.

3. Shop Creation

Once approved, a temporary shop will be created for the Vendor. Company details, photos, logos will be asked as content of their shop page.

4. Product Listing

The Vendor will be asked to fill out Standard Specification Form  and Product Information Sheet as references for the content of their products that will be displayed in AJA Marketplace.

5. Vendor Approval

Before the Vendor’s Shop and its products be published in AJA Marketplace, the Vendors will be asked to review and approve their Shop and products. Revisions will be made as needed.

6. Credentials

Username and temporary password will be provided to the Vendor once the Shop and Products has been approved.

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