Ultrasonic Flow Converter 713

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Product Specifications

Brand Name MJK
Country of Origin Denmark
Model Ultrasonic Flow Converter 713
Measuring Ranges 0 – 1m, 0 – 3m
Temperature Range -20⁰ to +60⁰C
Power Supply 240 V AC
Measurement Accuracy ≤ ±1 %
  • Analog: Active, 0-20 / 4-20mA, max. 500Ω
  • Digital: Relay 1-4, Relay 5 pulse output
Enclosure IP65

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Extended cable length ​ (max. 100m)

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Product Details
The Flow Converter 713 is designed for measuring and calculating water flow in open ducts and channels. The Flow Converter 713 is a complete instrument for measuring of instantaneous flow and recording of totalized water flow.

The sensor of the Flow Converter 713 provides a signal proportional to the level. The amplifier linearizes the signal from the sensor so it is proportional with the flow rate. The Flow Converter 713 can calculate flow on the basis of one of the following three 



  • Preprogrammed formulas for different dimensions of the most common flumes andweirs, such as Parshall, Venturi or Palmer Bowlus and V-notch weirs based on ISO 1438.
  • When using non-standard flumes or weirs the calculation formula can be programmed.
  • For flumes where no calculation formula exists, a number of known flow-values can be entered, and on the basis of these a point-linearization is made. This is used for the flumes which do not follow the ISO 1438 standard.


Product Features/Highlights

  • Supplied with either an ultrasonic or hydrostatic sensor
  • Maximum accuracy with measuring ranges down to 0 -10 cm
  • Programmed from the front panel
  • Setup information in ENGLISH or other user-specified language
  • Security accessed code can be programmed
  • Adaptation to any kind of weir and flumes
  • Built-in control of sampler e.g. MJK 780
  • Built-in totalizer with counter
  • Indication of average flow (mᶾ/hour) actual, last hour, today, the last 24-hours
  • Indication of accumulated flow (mᶾ) actual, last hour, today, the last day
  • If used as an emergency stormflow meter, number of stormflows, stormflow time and volume and start and stop time for the last stormflow are counted
  • Alarm relays can be set for high and low flow, and excess of 1- and24-hour volumes



  • Measuring and recording of flow in public and industrial sewage plant
  • Recording of emergency stormflow in pumping stations
  • Measuring in fish farming, in channels for irrigation systems and in streams and rivers



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Additional information

Ultrasonic Sensor

200580, range 0 – 1m, 12m standard cable length, 200570, range 0 – 3m, 12m standard cable length


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Ultrasonic Flow Converter 713 Datasheet


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