Tilting Disc Check Valve

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Standard Specifications

Brand Name R&D Multiples (Metal-Cast) PVT. LTD
Model Name Tilting Disc Check Valve
Body Material
Cast Iron
Carbon Steel
Hinge Pin
Stainless Steel
Stop Pin
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
Body Seat
EPDM Steel
Delivery Lead Time 8-12 weeks


R&D Multiple’s Dual Plate Check Valves stand out in waterworks applications, combining superior features and exceptional workmanship. The clamped resilient seat on the body ensures a high level of seal integrity and provides assurance against seal wash-off.

Each plate of the valve operates independently with its own spring action, resulting in significantly less spring twist compared to conventional designs. This prolongs the lifespan of the springs and enhances durability.

When considering the numerous features and more, R&D Multiple’s Dual Plate Check Valves offer unmatched performance in terms of features, workmanship, and cost-effectiveness for both initial installation and ongoing operation. It is the ultimate choice.

Swing type Non-Return Valves (NRVs) have long been utilized and their simplicity remains a key advantage. R&D Multiple’s Swing Check Valve embodies robustness and leak-tightness. The inclusion of a slant disc and an eccentrically loaded door ensures shorter door travel, enabling swift reflux closing action to prevent door slamming and its associated undesirable effects. These NRVs are dependable and reliable, allowing you to rest assured.


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  • Clamped Resilient seal on valve Body. This seal is replaceable on site.
  • Independent spring action for each plate.
  • The pins are precisely & permanently centered in the valve body.
  • The shock dampers ensure that there is no undue load on the Stop Pin & that the spring twist also is maintained in limit.
  • ‘Heeling effect’ for the plates provided to avoid rubbing of the seats near closure.
  • Wide choice of materials of construction available: Shell: C.I./S.G.I./WCB/ S.S./ D2: Seats: Rubber with S.S. / S.S. with S.S., pins: S.S.
  • Size Range: 50mm to 3000mm, Pressure Ratings: 6/10/16/24 Bar. (Class 150/ Class125)


  • Independent support also ensures that each of the plates revolves from full close to full open & reverse with-out bearing on each other.
  • Large & hydrodynamic flow passages ensure minimum pressure drop.
  • ‘Low Torque’, ‘Standard Torque’ & ‘High Torque’ spring options available depending upon site parameters.

About R&D Multiples (Metal-Cast) Pvt. Ltd.

With over 30 years of experience, R&D Multiples has established itself as a leading manufacturer of industrial valves. Covering a range of sizes up to 4.0 meters and capable of handling pressure ratings of up to 40 bar, their valves offer exceptional versatility. Complemented by a wide selection of operators, actuators, and accessories, their valves are designed to enhance user-friendliness.

Renowned for their quality and reliability, R&D Multiples ensures that their valves maintain a strong reputation in the industry. This is achieved through the implementation of modern design and manufacturing techniques. As a result, prominent infrastructure companies in the region consistently choose their valves as the preferred option.


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Tilting Disc Check Valve