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Standard Specifications

Brand Name Lacroix-Sofrel
Model Name SOFREL LS42
Power Supply Internal Lithium Battery (Replaceable)
Memory 50,000 data points
No. of external Pressure 2 (two) using the sofrel pressure sensor or other third party
sensors (1 sofrel pressure sensor included in the package)
Maximum Channels 6 (Six), 4 Digital input and 2 Analogue Input
Data Transmissions via 2G/3G/GPRS
Recording Interval Programmable between 1 minute to 60 minutes
Configuration Configuration via Bluetooth Link
Accessories Included Signal Cable


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Product Details
SOFREL LS is a waterproof data logger, powered by battery and communicating by 2G/3G. it was specifically designed for remote meter reading applications and sectorization of drinking water networks.​​Equipped with a performance antenna, SOFREL LS perfectly meets the communication constraints of underground installations such as metering manholes.


Company Profile

Business continuity planning is accelerating. All our teams are 100% operational, mobilized and active to meet all your expectations. The digitalisation of our work tools has enabled us to work from home while maintaining our team spirit. Everyone, in teleworking or in the company, remains more than ever at your service. Learn more about Sofrel.

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Product Features/Highlights

  • Enhanced IP68 waterproof rating​
  • Battery powered or external battery supply (Photovoltaic cell, mains power, micro-turbine or battery kit)​
  • Integrated high performance 2G/3G antenna​
  • Automatic reception testing for best 2G/3G operator
  • Access to the SIM card and battery on site​
  • 3-year manufacturer guarantee



  • CE Certifications: 2014/53/UE
  • CE Certifications: 2014/30/UE
  • CE Certifications: 2014/35/UE



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SOFREL LS42 Data Sheet