SeCorrPhon AC 200 – Water Leak Detection By Correlation

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Product Specifications

Brand Name Sewerin
Country of Origin Germany
Model Name SeCorrPhon AC 200
3-in-1 Leak Finder can be used as prelocation, pinpointing and correlationcan be used as prelocation, pinpointing and correlation
Carry Case Case AC 200 SK4
  • Near field radio up to >500m range 0 – 5kHz
  • SDR (Sewerin Digital Radio) up to >2m range 0-12kHz
Display 5.7” TFT Display 640 x 480 pixels (VGA), LED Backlight
Power Supply 2 x Lithium Ion Batteries (rechargeable) >10hrs operation


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Product Details
Is a multifunctional leak detector offering 3 functions in one: prelocation, pinpointing and correlation. This clever combination of these processes in one system allows you to confidently locate the leak regardless of ambient conditions. With just few finger strokes, you can quickly and easily switch between the various applications.

Product Features/Highlights

  • With built-in memory of 90MB
  • High quality piezo microphones with frequency response optimized especially for leak detection.
  • Digital signal processing offer outstanding acoustic properties.
  • Automatic selection of appropriate frequency ranges
  • Touch screen display
  • With built-in data logger
  • Can be used for large transmission pipelines using HY200 Hydrophone


Company Profile

With top level products and services, we are the market technology leader and a partner to the gas and water supply industry. Together with our 85 years of experience in the development of measuring devices, the knowledge accumulated by our own measuring teams contributes significantly to our success. Learn more about Sewerin.

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