MARS Veroflow-1

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Product Specifications

Brand Name Mars Company
Country of Origin Ocala, Florida, USA
Model Name VERO Flow
Accuracy +/-1.5%
Flow Range 11 to 94 lpm
Moving Part Turbine Rotor
Display Digital




Field testing residential water meters is easy with the MARS VEROflow-1 Utility Service Analyzer. The VEROflow-1 is a precision microprocessor-based test instrument that can measure the actual flow rate to within 1/10 GPM. Pulse signals generated by the turbine are magnetically transmitted to the microprocessor, then computed into one of four units of measure and shown on an easily read LCD display.


Simplify the verification of water meter accuracy to within .5% by merely connecting the instrument to the customer’s hose line.


Check both static and flow pressure at the customer’s residence. If any blockage exists, this data will indicate which side of the meter the problem is on. Serve as a rate of flow indicator, line pressure gauge and comparison tester for small meter shops not equipped with a full test bench and calibrated tanks.


The MARS VF-1 Utility Service Analyzer is calibrated on the MARS 5-1000 Water Meter Test Bench, which complies with the NIST. All MARS Testing Systems follow recommended parameters for water meter testing and calibration as outlined in the American Water Works Association (AWWA) M6 Manual for Water Meter Testing.

Company Profile

Since 1986, MARS Company has been an innovator in water meter testing and technology services. Our core competencies of Accuracy, Reliability, and Traceability, are the foundation on which we build sustainable revenue recovery solutions for municipal and private utilities around the world. Learn more about MARS.

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