M 130 Electronic Valve Box Locator

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Product Specifications

Brand Name Sewerin
Country of Origin Germany
Model M 130 Electronic Valve Box Locator
Depth Up to 95 cm
Output Optical and Acoustical output signal via LED and speaker
Battery Life 30 hours (intermittent usage)
Input Power 4 type AA batteries
Operating Temp -20 °C – +50°C
Material ABS
IP Rating IP54


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Product Details
The locator M 130 detects deeply and is hardly effected by metal pieces at the surface, humidity and temperature variances. The one-button-operation simplifies the handling of the instrument, continuous re-adjustment is not necessary. The special electronics reduces false signals caused by objects such as bottle-lids, beverage cans or other small parts of metal.

As a result of the downward-directed search field, the detector can be used in immediate proximity to metal fences or parked cars. The one hand held unit is designed for use by one hand only and offers optimal ergonomics for fatigue-free working. The strength of the signal allows reliable detection of the objects sought; even when the instrument is quite rapidly moved.

Product Features/Highlights

  • Easy to handle
  • Downward-directed field
  • Deep seeking
  • Fast reaction
  • Compensation of interfering signals
  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Shock-resistant plastic housing, made from hardshell ABS


Company Profile

With top level products and services, we are the market technology leader and a partner to the gas and water supply industry. Together with our 85 years of experience in the development of measuring devices, the knowledge accumulated by our own measuring teams contributes significantly to our success. Learn more about Sewerin.

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