LXSC-G2 Multi Jet Dry Type (Plastic)

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Product Specifications

Brand Name Ningbo Jiangbei Water Meter Factory  
Country of Origin China
Model LXSC-G2
Body Plastic
Size 15mm
Display Material Glass
Register Glass and Metal
Water Temperature
  • ≤ 50°C for cold water meter
  • ≤ 90°C for hot water meter
Nominal Pressure 10 bar, 16 bar


Product Details
LXSC-G2 is a turbine super dry water meter for residential application in sizes 15mm,20mm and 25mm for cold and hot potable water and meets the international standardISO4064 Class B or Class C.

Product Features/Highlights

  • All the materials in contact with water are meeting potable water standard.
  • Body material is brass or plastic (reinforced polymerization), corrosion resistance.
  • Magnetic drive, lower transmission resistance.
  • Magnetic shield, for external magnetic field protection.
  • Copper can register, IP68 protection from the environment, ensures clear reading, frost resistance and freezing resistance.
  • Inlet strainer.
  • Non return valve to avoid the reserve flow rate (optional);
  • Pre-equipped pulse output.
  • Complete solid lockable plastic shell for long lifetime to stop tampering.
  • Water temperature: ≤50ºC for cold water meter; ≤90ºC for hot water meter.


​Maximum Permissible Error

  • In the lower zone from Qmin(Q1) inclusive up to but excluding Qt (Q2) is ±5%.
  • In the upper zone from Qt(Q2) inclusive up to and including Qmax(Q4) is ±2%cold water meter.
  • In the upper zone from Qt(Q2) inclusive up to and including Qmax (Q4) is ±3% (hot water meter).


Company Profile

Ningbo Jiangbei Water Meter Factory is a well-known water meter manufacturer that has obtained the CE certificate. It is also one of the manufacturers with the higher measurement level (R160 water meters) in China to obtain the national manufacturing measurement licenses of the People’s Republic of China since the implementation of the ISO 4064:2005 (GB/T778-2007) water meter standard in China. Up to now, the measurement accuracy of various remote water meters is still better than that of peers. Learn more about Ningbo Jiangbei Water Meter Factory.

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Additional information

Nominal Pressure

10bar, 16bar

Approval / Class

Class B, Class C, R80, R100, R125, R160


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