Leak Finder-ST

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Standard Specifications

Country of Origin Canada
Model Leak Finder-ST
Pipe Material Cast Iron, Steel, Ductile Iron, Asbestos Cement, PCCP, PVC, PE and other plastics.
Sound Velocity 1.5 m/s
Filter Automatic Noise Filter
Notch Filter n/a
Frequency Response 0.5 to 3,000 Hz
Peak Suppression n/a
Maximum Distance Depending on sensor used: Contact Sensor : Up to 600 ft (183 m) / Hydrophone : Up to 1000 ft (305 m)
Memory capacity n/a
Sensors Accelerometers with high sensitivity piezoelectric sensing element
Output Wireless radios operating in Low Power Frequency Bands
Power Rechargeable high capacity NiMH batteries
Battery Charging n/a
Delivery Lead Time 6-8 weeks



Product Details

  • Leak Finder-ST correlator enables customers to locate β€œquiet” narrow band, low frequency leaks and leaks previously identified as background leakage on water mains, with a wide range of materials.
  • Advance acoustic leak detection correlator. Proven on virtually all pipe materials including PVC. Designed to pinpoint leaks on pressurized water distribution mains.


Product Features/Highlights

  • Accurately pinpoints leaks avoiding dry holes.
  • Superior Leak resolution, can find quiet leaks.
  • Rapid correlation time.
  • Easy to use, no previous leak detection required.
  • Windows based software, user-friendly interface
  • Long Battery Life.
  • Rugged, compact, easy to transport system
  • Supports multiple pipe materials/mixed pipe sections.
  • Built-in noise reduction.


Company Profile

Growing cities and expanding industries depend on water utilities and system operators to fulfill today’s increasing water demands, yet efficiently manage water resources to meet the needs of future generations. Unpredictable climate changes combined with aging water distribution infrastructure are the biggest threats to sustainable water management. Learn more about ECHOLOGICS.

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