GA-52Cx Magnetic Locators

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Product Specifications

Brand Name RadioDetection
Country of Origin United Kingdom
Model GA-52Cx Magnetic Locators
Depth Up to 5.18m
Output Audio
Battery Life 40 hours (intermittent usage)
Input Power Supplied by two 9V batteries
Operating Temp -13° to 140°F (-25° to 60°C)
Housing Material AI


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Product Details
The GA-52Cx Locator detects the magnetic field of iron and steel objects, with unmatched sensitivity.

Product Features/Highlights

  • High Sensitivity with 5 Levels​ – Our HeliFlux sensors provide high sensitivity allowing Schonstedt products to detect products down to a depth of 5.5m / 18’
  • No response to aluminum, brass, or copper​ – Eliminates false locates
  • Modular construction; high performance components​ – The design and construction of our magnetic locators make them that rare combination of high performance, rugged and also straightforward to maintain and repair, leading to low overall total cost of ownership
  • Speaker Audio Output + Headphones​ – Approximately 40 Hz idle tone in speaker. Tone frequency increases (or decreases)
  • with gradient-field intensity
  • HeliFlux® sensors – Schonstedt’s unique, patented HeliFlux magnetic field sensors provide much higher sensitivity than the standard ring core sensors that most of the competition uses, giving users of Schonstedt products a clear advantage when searching for deeply buried objects and when wanting to pinpoint the exact shape
  • Hard case​ – Protects the locator from knocks and scrapes when not in use and stored in equipment vans or trucks


Company Profile

Every product in the Radiodetection range is designed and manufactured to the highest standards. Radiodetection’s manufacturing operations are ISO 9001 accredited, and our products benefit from a range of approvals in specific industries. Learn more about Radiodetection.

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