DF Butterfly Valves

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Standard Specifications

Brand Name R&D Multiples (Metal-Cast) PVT. LTD
Model Name DF Butterfly Valves
Pressure Rating
PN10, PN16, PN25
Hand Wheel
Mild Steel
Body Materials
Cast Iron
Disc Material
SG Iron
Nitrile Rubber
Delivery Lead Time 8-12 weeks


R&D Multiple’s butterfly valves have gained widespread popularity in various water supply schemes across India over the past two decades. Regardless of size, pressure ratings, fluids being handled, or type of operators, our BF valves are the preferred choice for discerning customers. We continuously incorporate the latest technological advancements in materials, manufacturing, pattern making, foundry operations, and operators, ensuring that our valves stay up-to-date.

Our valve offerings range from 50mm to 3500mm in size, with pressure ratings spanning from 6 to 40 bar. They are available in both Cast and Fabricated constructions, manufactured using high-quality materials such as Cast Iron, Carbon and Alloy Steels, Stainless Steels, and rubber-lined variants. We offer a variety of operators, including Manual, Electrical, Pneumatic, and Electro-Hydraulic. Additionally, we supply large Hydraulically operated Pump discharge valves (HOPD).

In summary, we provide the best techno-commercial solution for any installation that requires the use of Butterfly Valves. Our commitment to delivering superior quality and advanced technology ensures that our customers receive the most suitable and reliable valve solutions.


  • Sturdy & robust construction.
  • Disc assembly perfectly centered & secured in valve Body bore.
  • Seat Ring cone finished in- situ.
  • Flow through disc ensuring minimum pressure drop.
  • Secured Disc-Shaft Connection.
  • Cast & Fabricated constructions possible.
  • Compliance with: IS 13095, AWWA C504, BS 5155 standards.
  • Manual, Electrical, Pneumatic & Electro- Hydraulic Operators.
  • NDE side thrust arrangement.
  • Shaft Seals comprising of elastomeric ‘O’ rings & ‘Lip seals’.
  • Disc Seal secured in- between machined grooves in Disc & Clamping Ring making it completely washout-proof.
  • Perfection of alignment of components, fine finishing of rubbing surfaces, controlled seal dimensions ensure very smooth operation & less operating torque requirement.



  • Flow through disc ensuring minimum pressure drop.
  • Disc locking arrangement optionally available.
  • Wide options in : Materials of construction, End Connections, Face to Face dimensions.
  • Shaft Bearings not wetted by fluid handled ensuring low frictional torque & long bearing life.
  • Concentric, Single, Duo & Tri-eccentric constructions offered for appropriate applications.
  • Endurance Life Cycle Testing carried out for prototype sample sizes as per AWWA C504 covering all the range of manufacturing.
  • Perfection of alignment of components, fine finishing of rubbing surfaces, controlled seal dimensions ensure very smooth operation & less operating torque requirement.

About R&D Multiples (Metal-Cast) Pvt. Ltd.

With over 30 years of experience, R&D Multiples has established itself as a leading manufacturer of industrial valves. Covering a range of sizes up to 4.0 meters and capable of handling pressure ratings of up to 40 bar, their valves offer exceptional versatility. Complemented by a wide selection of operators, actuators, and accessories, their valves are designed to enhance user-friendliness.

Renowned for their quality and reliability, R&D Multiples ensures that their valves maintain a strong reputation in the industry. This is achieved through the implementation of modern design and manufacturing techniques. As a result, prominent infrastructure companies in the region consistently choose their valves as the preferred option.


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DF Butterfly Valves