Compact Sluice Valve Key with Handle

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Product Specifications

Brand Name MIM Engineering
Country of Origin Malaysia
Model Compact Sluice Valve Key with Handle
Material Mild Steel Square Hallow
Length N/A
Delivery Lead Time 4 – 6 Weeks


Product Details
Tools used to open or close gate valves and butterfly valves installed underground.

Company Profile

Nilam Adil is also one of the leading Non-Revenue Water Equipment Supplier in Malaysia which has the expertise in the use of product and has a vast experience in the industry focus to NRW. Our offer is not limited to product supply and training but we were also has capability to offer NRW Project Management, NRW technical review, NRW water audits & NRW Workshop program. Learn more about Nilam Adil.

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Additional information

Shaft Diameter

25mm, 40mm


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