AquaTest T10 – Robust Test Rod

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Product Specifications

Brand Name Sewerin
Country of Origin Germany
Model Name AquaTest T10
Filters 8 selectable filter bands
Memory None
Display Monochramic graphic display, 128 x 64 pixels
Power Intergrated NiMH battery
Battery Life 16hrs
Operating Temperature -20°C to +50°C
Weight 1.25kg



Product Details
AquaTest T10 is a test rod with innovative technology and ergonomic design. It strengths lies in the prelocation of leaks in water pipe networks. The AquaTest T10 is the first test rod made by sewerin for which no additional receiver required. The headphones are activated not by any common key but by a special sensor area. The noises that are picked up are visualized on a display incorporated in the handle.

Company Profile

With top level products and services, we are the market technology leader and a partner to the gas and water supply industry. Together with our 85 years of experience in the development of measuring devices, the knowledge accumulated by our own measuring teams contributes significantly to our success. Learn more about Sewerin.

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Additional information

Model Type

With SDR (sewerin digital radio) – wireless


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