Aquascope 3 – Universal Leak Locator & Acoustic Listening Device

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Standard Specifications

Brand Gutermann
Display mode Simultaneously showing real time signal and minimum noise profile.
Filters All band and infinitely adjustable with narrow a narrow bandwidth
Memory Last 8 measurements
Display LCD with Backlight
Power 4 standard 1.5V Alkaline Batteries
Battery Life Typically 60 operating hours
Operating Temperature -20°C to 50°C
  • Ground Microphone: 1.6kg
  • Hand probe Microphone: 0.4kg
  • Pocket ground microphone: 0.26kg
  • Amplifier: 0.27kg
Delivery Lead Time 4-6 weeks



Product Details
High performance water leak detector designed for use by leakage technicians and plumbers to find leaks on water mains, water services, and in residential or commercial properties. The acoustic microphone is this water leak detector amplifies the mechanical vibration created when water in a pressurized system exits the pipe wall. With an electronic listening stick, magnet, tripod microphone and ground microphone the operator can use this leak detection kit to localize the leak position and then pinpoint it under the road, in soft ground, under concrete or walls.


Product Features/Highlights

  • Practical design and high portability
  • Simple and Straight forward operation
  • High quality and maintenance free
  • Minimum level profiling function



  1. Aquascope 3-G (Ground Microphone Kit)
    1. 1 Amplifier with waist belt
    2. 1 ground microphone
    3. 1 stereo headphones
    4. 1 connecting cable
    5. 1 operating manual
    6. 1 training cd
  2. Aquascope 3-L (Listening Stick Kit)
    1. 1 Amplifier with waist belt
    2. 1 hand probe microphone
    3. 3 probe foot
    4. 1 tripod foot
    5. 1 stereo headphones
    6. 1 magnetic connector
    7. 1 connecting cable
    8. 1 operating manual
    9. 1 training cd
  3. Aquascope 3-C (Combined Professional Kit)
    1. 1 Amplifier with waist belt
    2. 1 ground microphone
    3. 1 hand probe microphone
    4. 3 probe foot
    5. 1 tripod foot
    6. 1 stereo headphones
    7. 1 magnetic connector
    8. 1 connecting cable
    9. 1 operating manual
    10. 1 training cd
  4. Aquascope 3-PM
    1. 1 Amplifier with waist belt
    2. 1 pocket ground microphone with trigger cable
    3. 1 stereo headphones
    4. 1 operating manual
    5. 1 training cd

Company Profile

GUTERMANN is a global technology leader and innovator in intelligent water loss technologies and leak detection technology. We are a third-generation privately owned family enterprise with headquarters in Baar, Switzerland, and regional offices in Europe, North and Latin America, the Middle East, South East Asia and Australia. Learn more about Gutermann.

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Aquascope 3-G (Ground Microphone Kit), Aquascope 3-L (Listening Stick Kit), Aquascope 3-C (Combined Professional Kit), Aquascope 3-PM


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