Aquaphon A 150 – Compact Microphone Technology

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Product Specifications

Brand Name Sewerin
Country of Origin Germany
Model Name Aquaphon A 150
Filters bandpass adjustable filter limits

  • Lower filter limit : 0/30/60/120/250/500 Hz
  • Upper filter limit : 300/500/850/1000/1250/1500/2000/3000/4000/8000 Hz
  • Notch filter : 50 Hz, 60 Hz, Off
Memory None
Display 2” FSTN display 240 x 128 pixels, LED Backlight
Power Lithium-Ion battery (rechargeable)
Battery Life > 20hrs
Operating Temperature -20°C to +50°C
Weight 0.4kg


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Product Details
Aquaphon A 150 Is a first-class water leak detection system. Professional prelocation and the precise pinpointing of leaks is ensured by the A 150 receiver together with the well-established microphone technology from the Aquaphon A 200 system, which has proved its worth countless times. Connected via high-end microphones and wireless headphones, this device impresses with its brilliant reproduction quality. The display offers support by visualizing the noise for reliable and differentiated evaluation. Small, light and handy, The receiver wins over customers with its clever, compact design and maximum comfort when carrying. Thanks to adjustable filters and automatic frequency scanning, frequency ranges can be individually adapted to the user’s hearing, influences from sound interference minimized and sound quality optimized for reliable evaluation of the leakage situation.

Product Features/Highlights

  • Compact, lightweight, practical housing complete with belt clip – for convenient, effortless carrying and maximum freedom of movement.
  • High quality piezo microphones with frequency responses optimized especially for leak detection to cover every application, simple changeover ensured.
  • Automatic frequency scanning and frequency ranges that can be individually adapted to the user’s hearing for reduce sound interference and optimum filter selection.
  • Long availability periods – no need for recharging – thanks to high-performance rechargeable battery technology.
  • An illuminated display with an optimized tilt angle and auto-switch display (180° rotation) for easy read-off from the receiver, irrespective of position.
  • With SDR (Sewering Digital Radio) – wireless headphone


Whats Included in the package:

    1. TM 200 touch microphone – reliable detection of both muted and low pitches noises for plastic pipes and lough high-pitched leak noises on metal pipes.
    2. UM 200 microphone – for picking up structure-borne noise features a very wide frequency response and is extremely sensitive in the frequency range.
    3. BM 200 ground microphone – for paved surfaces
    4. BM 230 ground microphone – for unpaved surfaces
    5. TS 150 carrying rod
    6. AquaPhon A150 Receiver
    7. Tools
    8. Battery Charger
    9. Headphone
    10. Listening Stick


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Technical Data Sheet

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