Aqua M-300D

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Standard Specifications

Brand Name F.A.S.T. GmbH
Model Name Aqua M-300D
Display Daylight readable color display with LED backlight, 480 x 272 pixels
Filters Analog Chebyshev 48dB / octave slope 256 freely selectable analog and digital filter stages automatic function
Memory 10 per modus data export
Power 4 x LR14 1.5V or rechargeable batteries
Battery Life > 14 hours
Operating Temperature -20¬įC to 60¬įC


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Product Details

Aqua M300D is a portable, acoustic water leak detection instrument, from FAST GmbH (Germany).‚Äč The Aqua M300 D includes a¬†¬†clear and concise display panel to view the leak status effectively. 256 free and automatic adjustable filter settings achieve effective reduction of noise interference and therefore offer unsurpassed results.The instrument‚Äôs automatic adjustment and filtration of amplification ensures that even the smallest leak is located.‚Äč Even the most advanced filter cannot suppress all interference noise, because of this some leaks are only partially audible. In these cases, the Aqua M-300D is fitted with the ultimate Tracer Gas Technology to locate the leak. This decades-proven, safe and accepted method by the international Water Wise Associations (DVGW, IWA, AWWA etc…) is now available for the first time in this smart combination.‚Äč

The¬†localization¬†of¬†plastic¬†pipes¬†is¬†still¬†a¬†major¬†challenge.¬†The¬†Aqua¬†M-300D,¬†in combination¬†with¬†the¬†PWG,¬†offers¬†an¬†excellent¬†complement¬†to¬†conventional¬†systems, like ground radar and fiberglass detection probes. Aqua¬†M300¬†D¬†features¬†a¬†‚Äėpyramid¬†mode‚Äô¬†which¬†works¬†by¬†means¬†of¬†intelligent¬†algorithms in¬†the¬†background¬†to¬†automatically¬†optimize the¬†leak¬†information¬†and¬†thereby¬†enable¬†an¬†unmatched¬†precision¬†in¬†determining¬†the¬†location¬†¬†of the¬†leak.¬†By¬†using¬†these¬†innovative¬†and¬†unique¬†methods¬†of¬†measurement¬†with¬†a ultimate¬†Chebyshev¬†analogue¬†with¬†a¬†filter¬†width of 48 dB/octave slope, noise pollution effectively is eliminated. The integrated data logger function provides a highly detailed and accurate profile of the leak. This is¬†particularly useful in situations with high levels of ambient noise. By recording the sound¬†for¬†a¬†maximum¬†of¬†one¬†hour¬†and¬†closing¬†the¬†pipeline¬†to¬†check,¬†the¬†leak¬†noise¬†can¬†be safely¬†distinguished¬†from¬†pollution¬†noises.


Product Features/Highlights

  • Simple¬†and¬†reliable¬†guidance¬†to¬†the¬†leakage‚Äč
  • Triple¬†function:¬†acoustic¬†or¬†tracer¬†gas-driven¬†leakage¬†and¬†pipe¬†detection‚Äč
  • Suitable¬†for¬†any¬†user¬†thanks¬†to¬†manual¬†and¬†automatic¬†functions‚Äč
  • 256¬†free¬†selectable¬†filters‚Äč
  • Leakage¬†profile¬†recordable¬†as¬†file,¬†and¬†reporting¬†possible¬†on¬†the¬†PC‚Äč
  • Color¬†touch¬†screen,¬†battery-driven


Company Profile

The award-winning developments by FAST GmbH also comprise conventional technologies such as correlators or listening devices, whose quality and functionality have made the FAST brand well-known across country’s frontiers. Learn more about FAST Gmbh.

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