Activated Filter Media (AFM)

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Product Specifications

Brand Name Dryden Aqua Technology
Country of Origin United Kingdom
Model Name Activated Filter Media (AFM)
Filter Material Pure Green Glass
Specific Weight 1,250 kg/m³
Effective Size > 0.46mm
Hardness > 7 mohs
Spherizity > 0.8
Roundness > 0.6
Uniformity Coefficient < 1.5 to 1.7
Cross Sectional Ratio 2 to 2.4
Specific Gravity 2.4 kg/l
Purity 99.95%
Embodied Energy < 65 kwh/t
Grossbetthdichte 1.25 kg/l
Organic Material < 50 ppm
Delivery Lead Time 4-6 weeks



Product Details
A revolutionary filter media made from green glass developed and manufactured by Dryden Aqua. It exceeds the performance of quartz and glass by filtering about 30% more organics. Also, it is bio-resistant and self-sterilizing which means no biolfilm is formed in the filter bed.

Usage: Replaces sand in all media filtration applications
Material: Green & amber up-cycled glass. Optimized mechanical filtration performance with the activated mesoporous surface.
Unique Features: Bio-resistant, self-sterilizing, predictable performance, filtration down to 1 micron (Grade 0), 4 microns (Grade 1)

Main Benefits:
• Is a direct replacement for sand in any type of sand filter.
• Has more than double the fine particle retention performance of any other media, without the need for any other investments.
• Guaranteed prevention of biological fouling and resultant channeling.
• Has an engineered, activated surface to remove specific priority substances, heavy metals, and metalloids including arsenic.
• Substantially reduces product water oxidation demand.
• Reduces backwash water demand by an average of 50%.
• Provides a quick return on investment, usually less than 2 years on water consumption alone.
• More than 4 times longer lifecycle than sand.
• ISO, DWI, NSF50/61 certified.

Company Profile

Dryden Aqua is one of the largest manufacturer of glass filtration media. As marine biologists, we have a unique knowledge combination and detailed understanding of the biological as well as the physio-chemical reactions in water. This has enabled us to develop and manufacture a highly innovative range of products such as the Activated Filter Media AFM®. Learn more about Dryden Aqua.

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Additional information

AFM® Grade

AFM – Grade 0/bag, AFM – Grade 1/bag, AFM – Grade 2/bag, AFM – Grade 3/bag


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