A100 Modulating Float Control Valve

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Standard Specifications

Model Name A100 Modulating Float Control Valve
End Connections Flange
Disc Holder Ductile Iron
Nylon Reinforced Rubber
Spring Material
Stainless Steel
Float Material Stainless Steel
Stem Material Stainless Steel
Working Temperature -10 ⁰C- 80 ⁰C
Delivery Lead Time 8-12 weeks


The A-100 is a modulating float control valve which is a hydraulically driven valve to maintain the water level in water tank.

The A100 Modulating Float Control Valve, manufactured by AFC Valves Malaysia Sdn Bhd, offers several advantages. Here are some of the key benefits of using this valve:

1. Precise Control: The A100 Modulating Float Control Valve provides accurate and precise control over the flow rate of water. It utilizes advanced technology to modulate the valve opening, ensuring that the desired flow rate is maintained consistently. This level of control allows for efficient water distribution and minimizes wastage.

2. Flow Stability: This valve is designed to maintain a stable flow rate, even under varying operating conditions. It can handle fluctuations in water demand and pressure, ensuring a steady and reliable flow of water. This stability is essential for optimal system performance and prevents issues such as water hammer or pressure surges.

3. Leakage Prevention: The A100 Modulating Float Control Valve incorporates features that help prevent leakage and water loss. It has tight sealing capabilities that reduce the risk of leakage when the valve is closed. Additionally, the precise control of flow helps detect and address leaks in the system promptly, minimizing non-revenue water.

4. Durability and Reliability: AFC Valves Malaysia Sdn Bhd is known for manufacturing high-quality valves, and the A100 Modulating Float Control Valve is no exception. It is built to withstand demanding conditions and has excellent durability and longevity. This reliability ensures long-term performance and reduces maintenance requirements.

5. Cost-Effective: By effectively controlling the flow rate and minimizing water loss, the A100 Modulating Float Control Valve helps reduce operational costs. It optimizes the use of water resources, prevents unnecessary wastage, and improves overall efficiency. Over time, this can lead to significant cost savings for water utilities.

6. Support and Service: AFC Valves Malaysia Sdn Bhd is committed to providing excellent customer support and service. They have a strong network of technical experts who can assist with valve installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. This ensures that customers receive the necessary support and expertise throughout the lifespan of the valve.

In summary, the A100 Modulating Float Control Valve offers precise control, flow stability, leakage prevention, durability, reliability, cost-effectiveness, and excellent customer support. These advantages make it a valuable choice for water distribution systems, helping optimize performance and minimize water loss.

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  • Top and seat ring guided stem and diaphragm assembly for long life and reliability
  • All iron components are fusion epoxy bonded for corrosion resistance.
  • Easy maintenance without removal from the main line.
  • Nylon reinforced diaphragm for long term service.
  • Drip tight shut off.
  • Globe design for superior control characteristics.
  • Ductile iron bodies for higher strength and durability
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel seat and disc retainer ring.
  • Various pilots and accessories available for configuration into many different applications.
  • Special V-Port and double chamber are options, please consult factory
  • Meet standards BS EN 1074-5, ISO 5208, BS EN 12266-1, BS EN 558-1,

About AFC Valves Malaysia Sdn Bhd

AFC (Alpine Flow Control) is a well-known, top-tier brand of water valve that is created, produced, and distributed globally by AFC Co. Ltd, Suzhou. With over three decades of expertise and experience in manufacturing water valves, AFC Co. Ltd has established itself as a trusted company.

The AFC valve is highly regarded for its innovative product design, superior quality, long-lasting durability, reliable and sustainable high performance, cost-effectiveness, adaptable tailored solutions, dependable product warranty, and exceptional customer care services.

The AFC valve adheres to international standards and specifications for valve quality, ensuring proven high performance and reliability. It is supported by various esteemed certifications and quality approval markings, including ISO9001, FM Approval, UL, CE markings, WRAS approved products, and TUV, further validating the quality of the AFC valve.

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A100 Modulating Float Control Valve