CELLO 4s 1P2i

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Standard Specifications

Brand Name Technolog Ltd.
Model Name CELLO 4s 1P2i
Power Supply 2-Cell Li-ion user replaceable battery
Memory 512 kb
No. of Built-in Pressure One (1)
Maximum Channels Three (3)
Data Transmissions via SMS/GPRS/3G
Recording Interval Programmable between 1 second to 1 hour
Accessories Included
  • 1 pc x Flow Input Cable
  • 1 set x helicoil hose with ¼ quickfit fitting



External Battery Add-ons


Product Warranty



Product Warranty


Total options:
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Product Details
Universal solution for data monitoring over a specific time with a built-in  and/or external instrument (sensor), i.e., small in size, battery powered, portable and equipped  with internal memory for data storage and interface with local computer and utilize software to analyze collected data.

Product Features/Highlights

  • Five (5) year battery life depending on the mode of use.
  • With two (2) either analog or digital inputs depending on configuration
  • Automatic switching from internal battery or antenna if externals are attached.
  • Optional wireless programming through WiFi.
  • Bidirectional communication to server with automatic data gap filling.
  • High/Low, High/Low Window and Profile Alarms
  • Water Temperature monitoring through built-in pressure transducer
  • Direct communication to PRV or Pump Controller forming a close-loop control.
  • Transient pressure monitoring
  • IP68
  • Battery Monitoring
  • Automatic Network switching (2G or 3G)
  • Channel Shadowing


Company Profile

Technolog Group has over 35 years’ experience in the water and gas industry. We design and manufacture battery powered data loggers and electronic pressure controllers for distribution networks. Also intrinsically safe products for use in explosive atmospheres. Learn more about Technolog.

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Additional information

Maximum Pressure Range

100m, 200m


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