241 Bushing BS Standard

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Standard Specifications

Brand Name Jinan Meide Casting Co., LTD.
Model Name 241 Bushing BS Standard
Body Material
BS EN 1562
Dimensions BS EN 10242
ISO 7-1
Delivery Lead Time 8-12 weeks


Jinan Meide Casting Co., Ltd. specializes in crafting high-quality fittings such as malleable iron collar fittings, designed to meet various industrial and plumbing needs. These collar fittings are meticulously manufactured using premium malleable iron, ensuring exceptional durability and reliability in diverse applications.

The production process involves advanced casting techniques and precision machining, guaranteeing precise dimensions and consistent performance. Each fitting undergoes stringent quality control measures to meet international standards, ensuring that customers receive products of the highest caliber.

Additional information


20X15mm, 25X15mm, 25X20mm, 32X20mm, 32X25mm, 40X20mm, 40X25mm, 40X32mm, 50X20mm, 50X25mm

Established in 1961, Jinan Meide Casting Co., LTD is a distinguished multinational enterprise group that has become a world leader and solution specialist for fluid transfer products. With a focus on fluid transportation products and services, Meide Group operates in more than 130 countries and regions worldwide.

Impactful Projects:

Their products and services have been successfully applied in various fields, including water, fire, gas, HVAC, irrigation, and major landmark projects worldwide. They take pride in contributing to iconic structures such as the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the New World Trade Center in New York, the Shanghai Tower, West-East Power Transmission UHV transmission lines, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail, as well as municipal infrastructure, medical facilities, clean workshops, and urban housing.

Diverse Product Range:

Meide’s extensive product portfolio encompasses an array of fluid transfer products. From malleable steel pipe fittings, grooved pipe fittings, and stainless steel pipe fittings to carbon steel compression pipe fittings, valves, steel pipe spiral pipes, stainless steel metal hoses, electric power fittings, water, electricity, and heat meters – they offer comprehensive solutions to meet diverse industry needs. Moreover, they provide BIM design, factory prefabrication, digital installation, smart water services, and other related services to optimize project efficiency.

As the world’s leading manufacturer and solution specialist for fluid transfer products, they are dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions, fostering innovation, and creating a positive impact on society.


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