Hallmark Yongxiang

Enjoying a history of more than 30 years, Ningbo YongXiang Copper Pipeline Co., Ltd. has endeavored in cultivating, developing and serialization production of pipline system products with competitive Corporate Management system and outstanding working members, developed five series of "H" branded copper pipeline series products, namely, copper valves, copper pipe fittings, copper pipes, plastic-covered copper pipes, stainless steel pipes & fittings and PE-X pipes, covering more than 3000 types of quality products. We are the only one in China to integrate the production of copper valve, copper fitting and copper pipe. our logo "H" has been honored as, "Famous Brand in Ningbo", etc.

The company covers an area of 70000 square meters and reaches a yearly capacity of 7000 tons of copper pipeline series products. The products has found wide application in the plumbing system, air-conditioning system, oil and gas pipeling system of the construction, machinery, shopping, as well as environmental protection industries. We are the FIRST one in China to get all series of products certified by ISO9000 QUALITY ASSURANCE SYSTEM. Besides, TheCertificate of NZS3501 for Copper tubes was approved by Bureau Veritas, New Zeanland in 2004.
In the year 2002, Ningbo YongXiang Copper Pipeline Co., Ltd. and CRANE GROUP in U.S. jointly set up a joint centure, Crane YongXiang (Ningbo) Valve Co., Ltd., Which successfully started the production of highquality bronze valves in China.

By cooperating with No.1 ranked valve manufacturer in the world, we have brought in the most advanced valve manufacturing technique and high precision CNC equipments, which has help to historically improved the quality of the valves. Under principles of "using pure material, providing high quality, complete series, and best services", The "H" branded cooper pipeline series products have enjoyed a good popularity throughout China, and has won the favor and good evaluation from the customers. The occupancy of products in the top quality building market has reached above 30%, ranking the first one in the industry to get the whole series of China-made copper pipeling system products into the European and American main building markets.

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