BIO-UV Group

Since May 2000, BIO-UV Group has designed, manufactured and distributed innovative ultraviolet (UV-C) water treatment systems adapted to swimming pools and spas, aquaculture, aquariums, urban water, industrial water and ballast water.

More recently, BIO-UV Group has developed a new system for disinfecting surfaces by UV-C in order to respond to current health challenges, in particular the eradication of SARS-COV-2 responsible for COVID19. By combining pleasure with hygiene and health, our ambition is to respect and preserve our environment for current and future generations.

The water resources management issues and the negative externalities due to the human activities are the core concern and reason-why of our activity. Our first priorities are the human health care and the water resources preservation. That is why we are developing UV-based water treatment systems that are unharmful for the human health and eco-friendly.

Each BIO-UV’s device features one or many UV-C certified lamps to ensure the most efficient water treatment with no harmful risks to the human health. Most of our systems are NSF and/or ÖNORM certified.

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